Introducing MyFundedFx’s New Minimum Profitable Day Rule

Explore MyFundedFx’s new rule: achieve three profitable days to meet your profit target during the evaluation phase.

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Here is what you will read in the article “Introducing MyFundedFx’s New Minimum Profitable Day Rule.”

  • MyFundedFx introduces a new Minimum Profitable Day Rule for evaluation phase accounts.
  • Traders should achieve three profitable days, each yielding at least 0.5% of their initial balance.
  • The rule applies to new and Phase 2 accounts, aiming to refine evaluation criteria effectively.

MyFundedFx has introduced a new Minimum Profitable Day Rule to enhance the evaluation process for new accounts, effective immediately from their announcement date. This rule applies to all new accounts, including those purchased and Phase 2 accounts that have progressed beyond Phase 1.

Under this new guideline, traders are required to achieve a minimum of 3 profitable days during the evaluation phase. Each profitable day have to yield a profit of at least 0.5% of the trader’s initial balance. Importantly, these profitable days do not need to be consecutive, providing traders with flexibility in achieving their targets.

Introducing MyFundedFx’s New Minimum Profitable Day Rule

Implementing the Minimum Profitable Day Rule signifies MyFundedFx’s commitment to refining its evaluation criteria to reflect trading success better. By focusing on the consistency of profitable days rather than requiring consecutive successes, the firm aims to align the evaluation process more closely with the practical challenges traders face in the market.

It’s important to note that this rule will now influence solely the 1-step, 2-step, and 2-step MAX challenges during the evaluation phase. This adjustment does not impact accounts in the live simulated phase, where different evaluation criteria may continue to apply.

Traders entering the evaluation phase are encouraged to adapt their trading strategies to meet the new requirements effectively. This includes ensuring each profitable day meets or exceeds the 0.5% threshold relative to their initial balance.

MyFundedFx remains committed to providing transparent and structured evaluation processes that support traders in developing their skills and proving their profitability. Introducing the Minimum Profitable Day Rule represents a proactive step towards refining evaluation standards and ensuring alignment with real-world trading performance.

These changes will not retroactively affect existing account holders’ current evaluation status. However, all new accounts and accounts progressing to Phase 2 after passing Phase 1 will adhere to the updated guidelines.

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