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Best Fx Prop Firms Methodology

Best Fx Prop Firms is an online prop trading company reviews platform. We focus on reviewing the leading companies within the prop trading industry by including all the most critical aspects. Our priority is to provide you with accurate information and ultimately help you find the Proprietary Trading Firm that will suit your personal requirements.


We review each Proprietary Trading Firm based on the exact same criteria to evaluate all the necessary aspects of each company perfectly.


Evaluation Formula


We evaluate four critical aspects of each Proprietary Trading Firm.


Reviewed AspectExplanation of Importance

We compile an extensive list of fees for all available asset types, encompassing trading, non-trading, deposit, withdrawal, and challenge fees. Our data collection process involves extracting information from the provider’s website and customer support, further verifying for accuracy through actual trades.

Trading Conditions

We carefully evaluate the trading conditions of each proprietary trading firm, a vital part of our assessment. This entails examining factors like fees, leverage, spreads, and order execution speed. Our goal is to offer potential traders a comprehensive understanding of the trading environment, aiding them in making informed decisions. Through thorough testing and analysis, we strive to create a transparent and favorable setting for traders, maximizing their potential for success in the dynamic landscape of proprietary trading.


The efficiency, reliability, and functionality of these tools directly impact a trader’s ability to execute trades effectively and navigate the markets efficiently. By rigorously testing the technology offered by prop firms, reviewers can assess factors such as execution speed, order types, charting tools, and risk management features. This ensures that traders have access to robust and user-friendly platforms that meet their needs and support their trading strategies. Ultimately, thorough testing of technology enhances transparency and helps traders make informed decisions, ultimately contributing to their success in the forex market.

Customer Service

We rigorously assess each customer support channel through firsthand interactions held at different times. This thorough evaluation covers a range of communication platforms, including live chat, social media, email, and phone. Our comprehensive testing ensures a deep understanding of responsiveness, effectiveness, and overall quality across all support channels, providing a well-rounded perspective for our assessments.


Our values


Best Fx Prop Firms’ primary mission is to provide assistance to traders who are looking to find a reliable Proprietary Trading Firm. Our review process is built on the following aspects:


    • 1. We are an independent organization dedicated to conducting our operations with the highest integrity. Our rating remains unaffected by any affiliations with proprietary trading companies.

    • 2. Our assessment of proprietary trading companies is based on consistent criteria, providing completely impartial reviews of the industry’s most reliable prop trading firms.

    • 3. We prioritize transparency, ensuring that our ratings are solely based on our firsthand experiences with the proprietary trading firms under review.

    • 4. As previously mentioned, our thorough reviews are based on the firsthand experiences of our analysts, illustrating that each review is formed through actual trading with each individual proprietary trading company.


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